Trampakanyara on giving money to match!

US President-elect Donald Trump’s daughter ibhankara the opportunity to get on with that one. Coffee will cost you for the date of 40 lakh (US $ 50 thousand). That tells US magazine Vanity Fair.

Ibhankara coffee date with daughter running for president of the auction. The proceeds from the auction will be utilized ibhankara brother Eric’s charity. Eric Trump Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is the name of the charitable organization with the support of sick children.

About half an hour before the winner will get an opportunity to take a picture with ibhankara. December 5, starting from the date of the auction, starting from 8 reached 4 thousand US dollars. Today on Tuesday (December 0) end up being allowed to take part in the auction.

However, the special US security zone will be entered to win one. Secret Service officials will watch the history of his past life. They can be found after the green signal ibhankara beautiful.

2017 since the beginning of January 2018 will be determined at the kaphipanera date sometime in January. Trump Tower is the place to be in New York or Washington, DC, and met Trump International Hotel.

The buzz is, Trump is going to be responsible for the administration ibhanka First Lady. First Lady is in the process of developing an office, he said. Triumph of Hope Hicks, a spokesman for the administration said, as ibhanka White haijera will be in charge of hospitality, as well as a consultant on climate change will be his father.

Trump and her husband, businessman Jared kusanara ibhanka election campaign played an important role as an advisor.