The only way to escape from the hands of the Diabetes Know!

That’s just an old man’s disease, diabetes, and genetic or hereditary reasons, this idea is completely wrong. Many with diabetes may now carry. Even small children are now going to be the goal of diabetes.

In the absence of direct cure diabetes control when it is infected. However, there are some ways to keep away from keeping diabetes. According to a report in the Times of India.

Let’s see how much awareness of diabetes.
1. Learn diabetes the body is insulin diabetes is caused by abnormal blood sugar levels bharasamyahinataya. There must be a better time to learn more about diabetes. Raise awareness about the disease before it.

II. Decrease the amount of food to eat too much because of diabetes. For this reason, you should reduce the amount of food before. Eating small meals can reduce the small plates. In addition, a glass of water before eating a meal, but it can reduce the amount of food.

3. If you have regular physical exercise, physical exercise, it will benefit your health in many ways. In particular, body weight control, including the role of keeping the disease away. The diseases such as diabetes, stay away.

4. If the weight of the body weight is too high, it could lead to diabetes. Therefore, control of body weight is extremely important in the prevention of diabetes.

5. Red wheat bread instead of white flour bread made of flour and other foods Eat red. This will reduce your risk of diabetes.

6. Nastake the importance of the day in the morning to eat breakfast is very important. It is not at all excluded. Adding protein for breakfast reduces hunger day. The body is as healthy as it is away from diabetes.

7. Exclude food store fat junk food and other unhealthy fast food diet contains high saturated fat, which can raise your blood cholesterol is harmful. It increases blood sugar levels. Therefore, these foods should be discarded.

8. Remove the sweet drink. When thirsty to drink sweet drinks or soft drinks skip practice. Basically any sweet paniyai harmful. These drinks are so quit.

9. If you eat a healthy diet in order to prevent hunger in the afternoon instead of unhealthy food or fast food you can eat fresh fruit or salad, it will help protect you from diabetes.

10. Many are not willing to eat vegetables to eat vegetables at all. While many can benefit your vegetables. Place the vegetables in your diet every day is enough.

11. Keep mental stress too much stress can increase your blood sugar levels. Keep yourself away from stress due. If necessary, Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises.

1. Sleep seven to eight hours sleep better at night. This will reduce the pressure on your body and stay away from various diseases and diabetes. Lack of sleep causes a loss of body immunity.

13. Eat fiber-rich vegetables and foods that contain lots of fiber to the diet. This will reduce your risk of type-II diabetes. Keep at least 5 to 30 grams of fiber per day diet food. It will be under the control of blood sugar levels.

14. Drink plenty of water every day to drink enough water to control blood sugar levels in different parts of the body habepani make it easy to run. Many problems may be due to lack of adequate water in the body.

15. In most cases, symptoms of diabetes are nirabei health check. For this reason, it can not understand diabetes victims. As a result, the situation becomes complicated. For this reason, we need to have regular health checks.
16. Get sunlight and vitamin D in the body increases the effectiveness of insulin. One way of taking vitamin D and sunlight. So far niyasika diabetes is taking sunlight.

17. Eat masalasamrddha German Studies, darucinisamrddha meal helps keep diabetes away. So food darucinisaha use a variety of spices.

18. Eat soy Sauer role in the prevention of diabetes. So eating soy foods prevent diabetes. This is to reduce the role of blood sugar levels.

19. Drink green tea drink green tea on a regular basis. It contains several components ayantiaksidentasaha, which contributes to reduce blood sugar.

0. Eliminate smoking and smoking can increase the risk of diabetes. This is because the body changes haramonajanita. For this reason, diabetes should stay away from smoking.