Respondents ‘sex probate’ people’s needs!

A study recently published report by the end of 2050 are expected from academics as well as lovers choosing robatake rate will increase.


“What kind of setting for” sexual relationships with robots and more people will be inspired to find out what has already started research in Germany. “Mechanical objects,” the relationship with the hateful being considered, then bring forward new technologies that are interested to find out, researchers said this study.


University of London: “Sex with Robots,” a conference titled duisabarga-Essen in Germany sijuka researcher Jessica M. said, “I want to see what kind of character is more interested in the use of robots capable people into sex work.”


Professor Nicol kryamarera sijuka with 263 people aged 18 to 67 conducted an online survey on bisamakami men.


The survey, men and women in a variety of robots are shown on the two-minute video. To the question of their “personality measure” and “attractiveness rating” is.


One question in the survey asked them what they would like to buy a robot is that in the next five years. About 40.3 per cent said their response they can buy.


The survey also highlighted some drawbacks. How many robots can be the price that has been set. He added, “The next survey on women’s sex robot needs to be.”