If you want this thing to be rich in the new year, 6 Bring home today!

2017 welcome. New goals, hope, the moment has come to create the new year everyone. However, do not know what awaits holds the 2017?
However, Kamal phensui the New Year can bring more shine. Such was 6 phensui information for readers, luck, prosperity, the combination can cause life-saving. Let’s see:

Three frogs legs: Put this in front of the main door of the house with three legs frog. If this bhagyasali frog inside the house, happiness, prosperity leads to impact. But yes, you should do it in the kitchen or bathroom. It may be the opposite.

Red Ribbon 3 Coins: beauty as well as the brilliant effects. According to phensui, hung on the inner side of the door Place 3 coins. But yes, it is tied up with red color ribanei coins. It brings prosperity to the house.

Turtles: Turtles can be seen this many people. But due to the effects of the right not to have to go to many times denied. North along the tortoise to keep. And the tortoise face is andaramukhi house. The happiness and the peace preserved inside the house.

Dragon: Generally, any side can be dragon. However, if the east side effects are known to be higher. Prosperity leg room is bright dragon permanent effects.

Laughing Buddha: Buddha smiling right. However, bringing peace, not war. According to the Laughing Buddha Temple phensui happiness, peace, prosperity, growth weapons. Laughing Buddha or the living room in front of the main door of the house is typical. However, not literally, laughing buddhake always keep the door from the skew position.