Eat these foods to prevent allergies!

Reading the water through the nose, itching, shortness of breath or pain when the uncomfortable samasyaguloi were found to be allergic to. Mudao becomes worse due to allergies. To avoid allergic reactions is recommended taking a variety of medications such as brankodailetarasa, kartikosterayedasa, nyajala dikanjestenta and the National Drug Antihistamines. But if you become dependent on drugs, it has adverse effects on the body. Allergens can be pratiroda by natural ingredients. Let us know what you thought of some foods that can help prevent allergic reactions.


1. Rasunah


Garlic helps to increase immunity. It has antioxidant and. Drugs like eating a piece of garlic bread gives you a certain protection from infection.


II. Haludah


Allergens like material that contains turmeric, which helps. Curcumin also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant components. According to researchers at the University of Texas at Austin antiviral yellow, ayantibyakateriyala and ayantiphangala elements.


3. Daih


Bacteria in yogurt helps reduce allergic reactions. The study claims that people who regularly eat a variety of vegetables reduced their risk of inflammation.


4. Machah


Fatty fish may reduce inflammation. Allergy omega-3 fatty acid-rich fish a week to prevent Khan.


5. Vitamin Sr.


Vitamin C helps in two ways. Stimulate immunity and allergy prevention. To receive regular orange or lemon juice.


6. Pemyajah


Koyarasetina onions may reduce allergic reactions, which are called elements. It decreases inflammation and helps strengthen immunity.


7. Vitamin wind


Vitamin E-rich foods such as avocados, nuts and green vegetables can prevent allergies plays.


8. Grinatih


More or less we all know the health benefits of Green. Due to the phlabhanayeda kyatecina Green helps stimulate immunity. University of California researchers showed that regulatory T cells Greene’s material, which helps to increase the effectiveness of the body’s inflammatory response is suppressed. Another study revealed that Greene reduces blood levels of antibodies. The antibody plays a key role in the creation of Allergy and inflammation