Bangladesh without spending more than 6 thousand people will take the new Qatar!

The labor market is now the second country in the Middle East, Qatar. Nearly 1 in 4 million 2015 thousand people have gone to Qatar. In addition, on November 7 2016, 1 million 10 thousand 634 people had so far. Remittance of US $ 45 million per month, coming from Qatar.
For achieving this, as well as the construction of a new 6 thousand workers from Bangladesh Qatar will. Workers will be taken without any cost. Travel allowance, the employer shall bear all the costs of the company-khaoyasaha
Employer organizations and work: the staff will be mainly from Bangladesh to Italy to work as an organization. Salinity imaprigilo the company’s name. The company is working in 50 countries of the world. Salinity imaprigilote 35 thousand employees are working. The Qatar Foundation has taken the job of developing a new football stadium. In the 2022 World Cup in Qatar for Al khore stadium will be made in the name of al-bayat. It is being built 50 km north of Doha. 70 thousand visitors to be able to sit down. Work has started on 015 in September. It will end on August 31, 2018. Qatar also has the job of developing a residential area of ​​the stadium company. The construction of these projects will be taken manpower from Bangladesh. Salinity imaprigilora Stadium and sending the project to the people of Bangladesh Overseas Manpower Exporters organization al-Islam.

FREE recruited staff would be taken without any cost. Travel allowance, the employer shall bear all the costs of the company-khaoyasaha. This is a very positive initiative free of cost to the worker sees the Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment. More than one ministry official said, workers from Bangladesh is spending now to go abroad. But the man to go abroad, where employees spent millions. Qatar is sending workers overseas without charge al-Islam in such situations. We welcome this initiative without any cost to the worker. You can learn from other traders.

Scrutiny: the skilled construction workers in Qatar are going through al-Islam Overseas. Qatar, employers are testing them.

Their health, the employer bears all the expenses including rent aircraft company. Bachaikrtara a two-year renewable contract to work 8 hours a day. Qatar’s labor law overtime work in excess of what will be.

Salaries: that all construction workers will be selected for the job, they will get to Qatar and lodging costs. According to the country’s labor laws, workers will be given medical care and other facilities. Two years later, the workers come to the ticket, will be given the opportunity to a variety of vacation with pay. Real will pay 900 a month. The additional facilities will be available to work overtime.

Contact: If needed, contact with overseas al-Islam; Or manpower, employment and training

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