America’s new DV visa sartarope 2017, started to learn all the rules of application. What to do?

Many dream legitimate way to America. The Diversity Visa or DV lottery arekadhapa sapnapuranera way. Foreign Ministry has organized every year, as always, in US 2017 Diversity Visa or DV program.

US Immigration and Diversity visa application process has begun. Know all the rules. How do you apply?


Every year, about 55000 people from different countries through the visa lottery program in the United States under the visa payaei opportunity to apply for permanent residence does not pay any fees. The winners of the DV visa fee is just taking time nirdharita.

When you fill in the application which can be tracked

DV website with carefully selected items fill the application form limnalikhita am

1. Applicant puronama
II. Birth Day
3. Birthplace (candidate in the city / district was born / birth registration card, which has been mentioned)
4. Country
5. Applicant Pictures

6. Purnathikana
7. Currently residing in the country.
8. Phone Number (if any)
9. E-mail address (if any)
10. Highest educational yogyata
11. marital status
1. The number of children (if the child is under age 1)
13. Husband / wife information (if the applicant is the husband of the woman in this part of the data will give)
14. Information relating to children

An applicant can not apply for more than one. However, both the husband and wife can apply individually. When you have completed the application process saphalbhabe a “confirmation number” will be shown, including the applicant’s name and year of birth. DV for the next steps in to save this information online at jaruriparabarti visas, or to learn the status of the information you’ll need.

US Immigration and Diversity visa application process has begun. The US State Department said, matching the diversity visa lottery forms from that day on.

The State Department said in a statement, said that this year, 50 of the lottery. Like every year in the United States is less than the rate of immigration from the countries of the citizens will have the opportunity to apply.

Over the past five years, more than 50 foreign countries, the State Department said it has received a green card, a visa will be given to residents of the six geographical regions. In that case, the rate of immigration countries will be considered.

Anyone born in the country, as well as his wife, but they can apply for the application set.

According to the State Department, the applicant will have to cross the boundaries of high school, or two years of work experience. As workers who apply, each one of them for at least two years of relevant work experience.

Diversity Visa’s official website to download the free forms that applicants must meet. Will give to the picture.

An applicant can apply only once. Or if someone else has more than one application will be rejected.

E-DV website into the applicants can find out whether or not their application was selected. If the application is accepted by the notification will be sent to check the status of the entry.